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12 Days of Casebook

A New Tradition “Why is it only one day of giving?” was an interesting question that came up in our planning for Giving Tuesday. As a public benefit corporation, Casebook prides itself on giving back. So this holiday season, we’re kicking off a new tradition: "12...

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Features & Benefits: Helping the Helpers with Casebook Technology

After about a decade of working in public safety, I would get frustrated when our radio and software vendors would claim to be “saving lives.” These technologies were instrumental in the process of saving lives, but the radios and software weren’t risking their...

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Increasing Productivity With Casebook

A Home For Your Data Casebook’s software allows human service providers and other agencies the opportunity to take the documentation that you have and organize it onto our platform so that it may be available at all times. Many software solution platforms also...

Mobility Casebook PBC Best Practices Technology

Dynamic Fields

When you work in social services, using the right language is essential. Even if you’ve been in the same field for a few years, changing jobs might involve memorizing completely different sets of terms than the ones you’re used to, even for the same situation. Two...

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cb Reporting: Data That Matters

Evaluation, reporting, and data management are a necessary part of life in the social services field. Funders want to measure the impact of their donations, licensing agencies need to ensure professional standards are met, and managers need to track staff and...

Casebook PBC Security Technology

Casebook Security: Passwords, Permissions & Encryption

Everyone has personal information that can't get into the wrong hands. Whether you're in child welfare, workforce development, foster care, community services or any area helping others, working in the social services sector means the most sensitive parts of their...

Casebook PBC Best Practices Product Technology

cb Engage: Case management software that brings it all together.

Casebook has always emphasized working directly with practitioners when developing our platform. When we embarked on developing cb: Engage, we came to the drawing board with a research-focused approach. In recent interviews with practitioners, a recurring...

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Casebook: Empowering teams during challenging times

Since March, Casebook PBC has taken steps to enable our workers to be effective while working remotely. While we have always had a large contingent of remote workers, switching to a fully-remote operation without access to our office has presented challenges that...

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Casebook Software Solutions are CCWIS Ready

Casebook Solutions  for human services are built on the award-winning Casebook Platform, and are secure cloud-based software purpose-built for human services. Offering state-of-the-art features, Casebook Solutions can be implemented as an individual module or as...

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What Being a Certified B Corp Means to Us

Casebook PBC is proud to be a Certified B Corp. Being a Certified B Corp means that Casebook PBC doesn’t just profess to want to make a positive impact on the world, but that our company is actually creating and prioritizing real, beneficial change. To us, the B...