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Why Streamlined Documentation Matters: Using Software for Schools

by Sade Dozan 1 min read

Casebook’s configurable platform can be adapted to suit the needs of many organizations, not just those in human services. Educational institutions specifically are ideal settings to deploy scalable cloud-based software. Not just for student case managers, Casebook is perfectly suited to aid teachers, counselors, and administrators in carrying out their diverse duties.

Casebook’s configurable platform can be adapted to suit the needs of many organizations, not just those in human services. Educational institutions specifically are ideal settings to deploy scalable cloud-based software. Not just for student case managers, Casebook is perfectly suited to aid teachers, counselors, and administrators in carrying out their diverse duties.

Let’s see what it is about the academic environment that makes Casebook a model choice of software for schools of all kinds.

Facilitating Tutorials and After school Programs

Tracking the attendance and progress of students in after school clubs, tutorials, and programs provided by outside vendors can be challenging. Accurate documentation about these interactions is especially important for your school’s record-keeping, as well as for the student experience. Casebook deposits this information in a secure server accessible from your mobile device, making paper-based and on-premise digital records outdated and unwieldy by comparison. Administrators can then pull customized reports to gauge the success of these programs and their students.

In addition, any accommodation that a student may need, such as extra time for an exam, are easily recorded and referenced directly within the platform. Because these kinds of details can often get lost in the normal hubbub of the school day, having a consistent, secure, and streamlined process for managing this data is a big step forward. With today’s educators expecting quick, digitally-based procedures in most contexts, it benefits your school to meet them where they are.

How Casebook Handles ARD, IEPs, and 504s

Given the importance of the Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) process for students in special education, consistency in the documentation of student accommodations is critical. For students enrolled in Individualized Education Programs (IEP), schools have to maintain relevant health information, progress reports, restrictions, standardized test results, 504 accommodation plans, and more. Casebook makes this quick and painless, allowing your staff to log and track all accommodations provided to a student, track a student’s progress toward their goals, and document all the outcomes.

Keeping confidential IEP records secure is elementary with Casebook. Schools that rely on hard copies of files can struggle to keep them safely locked away. However, granting or restricting access to these records is a simple click-by-click process with Casebook’s intuitive software. Faculty, staff, and volunteers can document their work in the platform, then easily pull reports when gathering data for an ARD or any other meeting. These benefits in particular make Casebook an optimal choice of software for schools.

Feature-Rich Software for Schools of All Sizes

Casebook’s mobile-optimized software equips educators with a range of configurable tools to help them do their crucial jobs. Volumes of paper files may now be discarded in favor of a single digital platform that you can access wirelessly. Off-duty discussions about students are no longer necessary, as these conversations can readily take place in a secure online forum. Counselors needn’t disrupt lessons by visiting classrooms to inquire after students anymore. This is all due to Casebook’s powerful yet simple features.

Let’s look closer at the features that make Casebook particularly well-suited software for schools.

Email Into Case

Teachers and counselors see an immediate benefit from using the Email Into Case feature of Casebook. This enables them to collaborate on a student’s file simply by sending an email to a specified address. No login is required — any stakeholder may use this feature to update or comment on a student’s case without having to do any signing up or signing in. This allows an infinite amount of collaboration among your staff without counting against your user limit.


This feature is advantageous for your daily documentation of any number of things like attendance, incident reports, and any special services that students may need. Besides improving communication by streamlining the capture and sharing of all kinds of information, Casebook’s Notes feature allows counselors to avoid interrupting teachers in class to discuss a student. It’s very much like a legal pad, but in a secure digital form that’s instantly accessible to all platform users from their mobile devices.


Casebook lets you create any kind of form you need to aid with document standardization and even note-taking. Having to log the same type of information repeatedly for different students, as well as for the same students periodically, can be a serious drain on educators’ time. The Forms feature makes the lengthy processes of documenting incidents, gathering data, and creating standardized reports significantly easier, freeing up your time to focus on educating your students.


A key feature that makes Casebook ideal software for schools is Workflows. Repetitive tasks like student assessments and simple verification processes can be set to recur at intervals of your choosing. This can be indispensable in keeping your staff aligned and ensuring that standard procedures are followed, not to mention cutting back on the time and organization it takes to maintain the regular completion of routine tasks. With Workflows, schools save time while standardizing processes that may currently lack regularity.


Everything that you enter into Casebook can be output into an easily presentable report. Although the platform offers prebuilt reports, schools may also build them from scratch if they choose. Each report has interactive filters that you can customize to query data as you see fit, and you can change how your reports are presented with lots of different visualization options. This eases the sharing of data with funders and governing bodies so you don’t have to track it down.

A Single Source of Truth for Educators

Teachers, administrators, counselors, and case managers find Casebook to be an empowering communication facilitator that frees up their valuable time. From standard form creation to tracking student progress and more, the platform integrates many helpful functions that streamline the day-to-day tasks of educators in all kinds of academic institutions. Possibly the primary benefit that Casebook provides in the school setting, however, is a centralized data source that’s kept fully secure yet remotely accessible to those with permission to access it.

Casebook is also API-enabled, which means that it can be plugged into existing software systems to work alongside them. Having that level of interoperability is crucial for those who don’t have the capacity to migrate all of their data to a whole new information system. With Casebook, you get an integrated, configurable platform that comes flexibly priced in a range of subscription plans to help your school focus on its core mission of serving the community by educating your students.

For more information about configuring Casebook’s software for your school, contact our team today.

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