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What's the Right Software for Your Human Services Organization?

As it has for every kind of enterprise, software for human services organizations has developed prodigiously in a few short years. Volunteers and workers who confront disease and deprivation on a daily basis, however, are still ill-equipped to defeat these enemies...

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The Power of SMARTIE Deliverables

So, how do we build trust? You build trust by ensuring that you’re following through on your commitments and promises to funders. This is partly why the engagement phase is so important, each follow-up, touch point engagement moment underline commitments and...

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Building Solutions for Today and for Tomorrow

A new decade is starting, which is a good time for us all to reflect on the world we had a decade ago and the world we will have a decade from now. The iPad, streaming services like Netflix, on-demand services like Uber, drones, and AIs like Siri and Alexa, all...