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AI Tools for Human Services Nonprofits

by Casebook Editorial Team 1 min read

AI Can Help Nonprofit Teams

In most nonprofits, there are often many tasks to do and not enough staff to complete them. Overtasking employees can impact morale and result in staff turnover. The good news is that artificial intelligence (AI) powered programs can support many of the duties your team faces daily. Additionally, its predictive analysis capabilities help you easily forecast for programming and fundraising planning purposes. AI technology is remarkable and gives you and your employees back the one thing all of us value – our time!

Following are some AI tools for you to consider. There are many others available as well. These solutions will take some of the heavy lift off staff so your organization, and those you serve, can thrive!

AI Solutions - Administrative

With these tools, you can easily automate tasks that are typically time-consuming. Otter.AI and Jasper.AI are two standouts among many others.

IBM Watson Assistant: Uses AI to help you build and deploy chatbots and virtual assistants. If you have ever chatted online on a website before being connected to a live agent, you have interacted with a chatbot. Try for free.

Jasper.AI: Uses AI to complete a variety of daily tasks. Starts at $40 a month.

Otter.AI: Uses AI to take notes during meetings in real-time and captures the key takeaways. Free and paid versions are available. 

Three ways AI-powered chatbots can help your nonprofit:

  • They can answer frequently asked questions interactively (such as how to donate to your organization).
  • They can hold engaging conversations with website visitors and capture data for future use by you and your team.
  • They can gather essential information from callers seeking referrals, helping your clients secure assistance faster.

In this article, we'll discuss why high turnover is a critical issue for nonprofit organizations, the negative impacts of high turnover on nonprofit organizations and the people they serve, the best practices for keeping teams engaged and reducing turnover, and how low-cost nonprofit case management software can help improve engagement and retention in nonprofit teams.

AI Solutions – Data

If you are considering an AI-driven data solution, there are several databases available. Standouts include Fundraise and NeonCRM. 

Bloomerang: Uses AI to help nonprofits retain more donors and increase their lifetime value. Price varies.

Funraise: Uses AI to help nonprofits track donor data and automate workflows. Try for free.

NeonCRM: Uses AI to help nonprofits streamline operations, manage data, and increase impact. Price varies.

Three ways AI-powered data tools can help your nonprofit:

  • They can help identify patterns of behavior among donors (e.g., likelihood of giving), helping you forecast more accurately.
  • They can evaluate current programming and suggest options based on existing and future trends.
  • They can add an extra layer of support to ensure data integrity.

AI Solutions - Finance

AI-powered finance programs help with processes. Freshbooks is a standout.

Freshbooks: Uses AI-driven accounting software to track and manage expenses, invoices, payments, and reports. Use for free.

Xero: Uses AI to improve financial performance. Use for free.

ZohoBooks: Uses AI to automate workflows, track transactions, and generate financial statements. Use for free.

Three ways AI-powered finance tools can help your nonprofit:

  • Bookkeeping automation reduces human error and allows you to place many repetitive tasks on autopilot.
  • AI is excellent at detecting fraudulent patterns and can flag suspicious activities.
  • They can provide an extra layer of risk management support.

AI Solutions - Fundraising

These CRM tools focus on funding. Humanitas is a standout.

GrantBoost.io: Uses AI to help nonprofit organizations secure funding. Try for free.

Humanitas: Uses AI to streamline fundraising. Free for nonprofits.

Keela.com: Uses AI to identify donor insights. Price varies.

StoryChief: Uses AI to manage client stories. Try for free.

60sec.site: Uses AI to help you build a website or landing page for your next event or your nonprofit quickly. Try for free.

Three ways AI-powered fundraising tools can help your nonprofit:

  • They can scrub your data to look for lapsed donors (donor churn), and other issues, while also offering creative solutions to reengage individuals.
  • They can help take your special events to the next level by providing unique and tested ideas for engagement.
  • They can help make the grant writing process more seamless, from developing concepts for narratives to identifying examples of winning grant strategies.

AI Solutions - Graphics, Collateral Material Development, and Social Media

There are many AI graphics programs available. Canva Pro is a standout.

Canva: Has several AI features. Its basic plan is free. Its paid, professional version, Canva Pro, is free for nonprofits. Contact them to apply for the program.

DesignWizard: Uses AI to create stellar collateral material. Try for free.

JasperArt: Uses AI to create images from text prompts. $39 a month.

Visme: Uses AI to take your designs to the next level. Use for free.

Three ways AI-powered graphics, collateral material development, and social media tools can help your nonprofit:

  • They can help you create dynamic, attractive graphic designs, social media posts, videos, and event materials (including t-shirt designs) quickly and efficiently.
  • They can empower everyone within your organization to create materials designed to your pre-set branding specifications.
  • They can boost creativity because of the user-friendly nature of the tools.

AI Solutions - Research and Writing Assistance

With ChatGPT, you can get any question answered and create everything from blog posts to vendor letters. Bing+AI and Google Bard function similarly, and remarkably. To use any of these chatbots, simply type in your query. The more precise the better. If you are not finding the answers you need, try breaking the query up into smaller pieces. 

Bing+AI, ChatGPT, and GoogleBard: Use AI to search the web to answer your questions. The chatbots can help you conduct research and overcome writer’s block by providing sample ideas for content. Use for free. ChatGPT also has a paid version.

Grammarly: Uses AI to spell-check your documents, including those from Bing+AI, ChatGPT, and Google Bard.

Meta’s SeamlessM4T: Uses AI to translate text-to-speech, speech-to-text, and text-to-text across 100 languages. It is being dubbed a universal translator and just made human connection across the miles a lot easier.

Google’s Project Gemini: This new system is on the horizon and was created to compete with ChatGPT on a larger scale. It will add enhanced AI features to Google’s programs such as Docs and Sheets.

*You can also find additional AI-powered chatbot extensions on the Google Play Store and the Microsoft Store.

Three ways AI-powered research and writing assistant tools can help your nonprofit:

  • They can help you create dynamic copy to be used for all of your writing tasks, including emails and grant LOIs. 
  • They can help you quickly research topics and find sources for information that can be included in grant narratives.
  • They can help you draft sample article concepts for your next blog or e-newsletter.

To Summarize

Some are concerned AI technology could take away the ‘human’ aspect of nonprofit services. With this article, I hope I have demonstrated that it will do the opposite. By automating many of the time-consuming tasks staff are faced with each day, AI actually empowers team members to focus more of their time on client and donor interactions! 

Nearly every day a new AI program or extension is announced, each designed to streamline processes and improve our lives. I hope you consider embracing technology.

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