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The Power of SMARTIE Deliverables

So, how do we build trust? You build trust by ensuring that you’re following through on your commitments and promises to funders. This is partly why the engagement phase is so important, each follow-up, touch point engagement moment underline commitments and...

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The Importance of Project Management

The Importance of Project Management We’ve covered many topics! Grant writing basics, shifting framing based on audience type, external validators, and even the building blocks of relationship building. The glue that holds all of these key elements together is...

Best Practices Fundraising Grant Writing

How To Build Healthy Relationships With Funders

In previous posts, we’ve reviewed best practices regarding grantwriting and communicating your story to funders. We’ve even talked about the importance of third-party validation. Another key to success is understanding how to build stronger relationships with...

Best Practices Fundraising Grant Writing

Secure Your Funding Pt. 3 — Emphasis On The Data

So far, we’ve reviewed watchdog sites’ standards, detailing indicators for a nonprofit’s success, and articulating metrics. What do all of these have in common? DATA! Ratings, program development, case-making…all are driven by a drumbeat of qualitative and...

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Continuing To Grow Your Nonprofit Through COVID

From here on out there will be even more challenges to providing care to communities.

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Casebook's Impact on Foster Care Services

cb Reporting for Foster Care Services Working in adoption and foster care means holding peoples’ lives in your hands, their dreams and hopes for finding and starting a new family. It’s sensitive information, and you want to know that data is accurate, safe, and...

Best Practices cb Reporting Dynamic Fields

Using Casebook to Optimize Multi-Service Organizations

How Does Casebook Help Multi-Service Centers When you work for a multi-service community center, you’re dealing with a thousand moving parts. From managing a gym to running a preschool or even a shelter, your organization does it all. You need case management...

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Features & Benefits: Helping the Helpers with Casebook Technology

After about a decade of working in public safety, I would get frustrated when our radio and software vendors would claim to be “saving lives.” These technologies were instrumental in the process of saving lives, but the radios and software weren’t risking their...

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Increasing Productivity With Casebook

A Home For Your Data Casebook’s software allows human service providers and other agencies the opportunity to take the documentation that you have and organize it onto our platform so that it may be available at all times. Many software solution platforms also...

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Dynamic Fields

When you work in social services, using the right language is essential. Even if you’ve been in the same field for a few years, changing jobs might involve memorizing completely different sets of terms than the ones you’re used to, even for the same situation. Two...

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cb Reporting: Data That Matters

Evaluation, reporting, and data management are a necessary part of life in the social services field. Funders want to measure the impact of their donations, licensing agencies need to ensure professional standards are met, and managers need to track staff and...

Best Practices Anti-Recidivism

From Reentry to Stability: Preventing Recidivism

Identifying The Issue When Re-Entering Society People released from all types of detention facilities may not be fully prepared to re-enter society. They will transition from a life in which they had few choices to one in which they will have much greater control...

Best Practices Anti-Recidivism

Reduce Recidivism with the Right Assessment Tools

Inmates in any kind of detention may experience a wide range of emotions about their release. After only one year of incarceration they may already have lost their sense of how to cope with the outside world. They often face confusion and anxiety about what life...

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Keep Children On Track and In School

Teachers face a challenge to keep children focused on their lesson plans. For some, the student's needs exceed their expertise, time for individual attention, or the resources and support to help children with special needs. That’s where you come in. Wraparound...

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Pave the Way Home: Collaborations for Safe Housing and Survivor Services

Survivors like Laura get caught in the intersection between homelessness and domestic violence, a situation you see every day in your work as a victim advocate and service provider. You see survivors escape, only to end up on the street.  Your job is to find...

Best Practices Homelessness Affordable Housing

Is Your Client Homeless Enough?

You might be one of those people who think a family is homeless just because it doesn’t have a place to live. Technically you are correct, but that doesn’t mean the family is eligible for housing for homeless people. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban...

Best Practices Homelessness Affordable Housing

Papering Your Way to Housing

Emergency assistance to help people with unpaid rent and utilities is on its way; this article reviews how you can help clients gather information for their applications. 

Best Practices Fundraising

Are You Missing Out on Donors?

It’s difficult for some charities to ask for donations. They don’t have a history of it, they are shy about asking for money or maybe they don’t have the staff or board members with the right skills. Take heart! If your agency needs a strategy to build a donor...

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How Collaborations Can Help You Improve Outcomes

For the vast majority of teenagers turning into adults, turning 21 represents a time of wonder and excitement. This is a time of planning for the future that includes job training, college applications and attendance, and learning practical skills. However, for...

Foster Care Best Practices

Transitioning Out of Foster Care and Into Opportunity

How to best serve the needs of youth aging out of foster care? The law may believe they’re old enough for independent living, but in reality the barriers to doing so can feel insurmountable. It’s a challenging question for even the most seasoned child welfare...

Best Practices Compliance

The Priority to Combat Staff Turnover in Social Services: Leadership Development

Welcome back to the second part in a two-part series on combating staff turnover in social services. Previously we talked about the budget dilemmas that typically put the least experienced and least paid staff on the frontlines, spending most of their time with...

Best Practices Compliance

The Priority to Combat Staff Turnover in Social Services

A little less than 20 years ago, almost to the day, I received a call that would unknowingly launch a 13-year career in child welfare services. That's quite a remarkable tenure considering that when the organization called me for the interview, I couldn't even...

Casebook PBC Best Practices Product Technology

cb Engage: Case management software that brings it all together.

Casebook has always emphasized working directly with practitioners when developing our platform. When we embarked on developing cb: Engage, we came to the drawing board with a research-focused approach. In recent interviews with practitioners, a recurring...

Best Practices Fundraising Grant Writing


Reporting Impact and Communicating to Grant Funders.

The previous post outlined the primary types of capacity-building projects and reviewed how transformational successful capacity-building implementation have been, for example, nonprofits. In this post, we’ll delve into reporting as well as the need for positive...

Best Practices Fundraising Grant Writing


Capacity-Building Grants | Nonprofit Case Studies

In the previous post, we touched on how capacity-building grants are identified and developed in an effort to better position organizations for growth. Now, we’ll review the power of capacity-building grants and the impact they can have on an organization’s...

Best Practices Fundraising Grant Writing


Positioning Your Organization for Capacity-Building Grants

Building a legacy that stands the test of time is difficult. On average, US-based nonprofits have expenses of less than $1 million; and the majority of those focus on youth, education, community development, or human services at large. For every ‘powerhouse’...

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The Cloud is Here to Stay - Here’s How to Secure it

Despite the benefits and the increased use of Software as a Service (SaaS) in government and nonprofits, uncertainty about cloud security still exists. As the COVID-19 crisis forces the world to examine our ability to work from home, human services organizations...

Best Practices Fundraising Grant Writing


Telling Your Organization's Story to Grantmakers

As an organization, you have to be able to pivot between funders to position yourselves for grants for which you’re eligible. The adaptability needed to convey different tones and key points in your work will ensure your longevity. In this post, you’ll learn more...

Best Practices Fundraising Grant Writing


The ABCs of Grant Writing Success

Let’s face it, the world of grant writing can be daunting. With RFPs, FOAs, RFAs, LOIs, EDs, feels like alphabet soup! However, all you need is a solid strategy and a clear voice—which really entails having a strong understanding of how to navigate the...

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Casebook: Empowering teams during challenging times

Since March, Casebook PBC has taken steps to enable our workers to be effective while working remotely. While we have always had a large contingent of remote workers, switching to a fully-remote operation without access to our office has presented challenges that...

Best Practices Compliance Security


3 Simple Ways Going Paperless Improves Data Security

If your organization's workflow process isn't paperless, you may be exposing yourself and your clients to easily avoidable security risks. 

Best Practices Technology


How Can Configurable Technologies Help Human Service Agencies Support Changes in Policy and Practice?

In parallel with the evolution of technology, policy and practice models continue to change to meet both regulatory requirements and best practices as understood through quantitative and qualitative research. We asked Elisha Gilliam, Director of Practice...

Best Practices Technology


Bridging the Gap Between Practice and Technology in Human Services

At the center of any case in human services is a person receiving care. Every action is either directed towards or radiates from that individual. For over a decade, the conversation in human services has been about person-centric care, and how if we practice a...