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Update Your Client Intake

In the human services industry, client intake is a central part of the process that sets the stage for successful service delivery. Without a thorough understanding of who the client is, what their needs are, and how to best serve them, it can be difficult to perform...
by Casebook Editorial Team 2 min read

10 Key Questions to Ask Yourself When Evaluating Nonprofit Client Management Systems

From time to time, nonprofits with human and social service missions need to upgrade or completely overhaul their client management systems, also commonly known as a case management system or nonprofit database management system. Due diligence and careful evaluation...
by Casebook Editorial Team 2 min read

What Does a Police Social Worker Do?

Counseling and Crisis Response Support Police social workers complement the efforts of law enforcement officers, expanding the services provided by local police and sheriff’s departments. According to ZipRecruiter, they “provide counseling and crisis response support...
by Casebook Editorial Team 3 min read

How a Plastic Garbage Bag Became the Unofficial Luggage of Foster Care

It was a scene that I would see play out time and time again during my 13-year career, serving some of our nation’s most vulnerable youth. A child comes into care needing foster care, and the youth and their caseworker shows up with a couple of black garbage bags full...
by Jeff Edwards 2 min read

Using Casebook's API to Connect your Human Services Technology

Using Casebook's API to Connect your Human Services Technology With human services and case work playing such a large role in community programs and impacting the lives or countless of individuals and families, one would imagine that funds to grow and improve such...
by Patrick Stewart 2 min read
by Ryan Williams 1 min read

Increasing Productivity With Casebook

by Ilana Novick 1 min read

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Best Practices

How To Build Healthy Relationships With Funders

In previous posts, we’ve reviewed best practices regarding grantwriting and communicating your story to funders. We’ve even talked about the importance of third-party validation. Another key to success is understanding how to build stronger relationships with funders. Funders co...

Secure Your Funding Pt. 3 — Emphasis On The Data

So far, we’ve reviewed watchdog sites’ standards, detailing indicators for a nonprofit’s success, and articulating metrics. What do all of these have in common? DATA! Ratings, program development, case-making…all are driven by a drumbeat of qualitative and quantitative data. How the public v...

Reporting Impact and Communicating to Grant Funders

The previous post outlined the primary types of capacity-building projects and reviewed how transformational successful capacity-building implementation have been, for example, nonprofits...

by Sade Dozan4 min read

Capacity-Building Grants | Nonprofit Case Studies

In the previous post, we touched on how capacity-building grants are identified and developed in an effort to better position organizations for growth. Now, we’ll review the power of capacity-building g...

by Sade Dozan4 min read

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Access Case Records Quickly in Casebook

"Hi. Drew with Casebook here. One of the things we hear a lot of times from case managers and workers in the field such as yourself, is that their system is slow and painstakingly slow at times....
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7 Must-Have Case Management System Features

Working in the human services sector can be complicated and overwhelming, which is why many organizations use case management systems. These platforms and apps help improve case management practices...
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How School-Based Case Managers Can Prepare for the New School Year

While the beginning of the new school year can be a time of excitement, hope, and anticipation, it can also conjure up apprehension, uncertainty, and anxiety. Schools are facing big challenges, from...
by Lori Granieri 1 min read

Why Should You Embrace Social Work Software?

In social work, efficiently managing and organizing client information is paramount. You know the challenges of dealing with paper-based records and spreadsheets. These outdated methods consume...
by Casebook Editorial Team 2 min read

Buy or Build Your Own Case Management System for Human Services?

You run a social services organization and you're keeping all of your records in a spreadsheet, and now you are wondering if the investment in a case management solution is right for you. You're...
by Andrew Pelletier 2 min read

Connect with Your Clients: A Guide to Using Case Management Software

Intro Optimizing Client Relationships: Selecting Case Management Software The Power of Human Services Client Management Software Personalized Support Improved Communication Stronger Relationships...
by Casebook Editorial Team 2 min read

Enhancing Participant Connections for Human Services Nonprofits with Case Management Software

In this article, we will explore some foundational ways that case management software can help your organization establish and enhance participant connections with the use of technology.
by Casebook Editorial Team 1 min read

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