Maryellen Hess Cameron

Best Practices Anti-Recidivism

From Reentry to Stability: Preventing Recidivism

Identifying The Issue When Re-Entering Society People released from all types of detention facilities may not be fully prepared to re-enter society. They will transition from a life in which they had few choices to one in which they will have much greater control...

Best Practices Anti-Recidivism

Reduce Recidivism with the Right Assessment Tools

Inmates in any kind of detention may experience a wide range of emotions about their release. After only one year of incarceration they may already have lost their sense of how to cope with the outside world. They often face confusion and anxiety about what life...

Best Practices Children & Families Education

Keep Children On Track and In School

Teachers face a challenge to keep children focused on their lesson plans. For some, the student's needs exceed their expertise, time for individual attention, or the resources and support to help children with special needs. That’s where you come in. Wraparound...

Best Practices Homelessness DV

Pave the Way Home: Collaborations for Safe Housing and Survivor Services

Survivors like Laura get caught in the intersection between homelessness and domestic violence, a situation you see every day in your work as a victim advocate and service provider. You see survivors escape, only to end up on the street.  Your job is to find...

Best Practices Homelessness Affordable Housing

Is Your Client Homeless Enough?

You might be one of those people who think a family is homeless just because it doesn’t have a place to live. Technically you are correct, but that doesn’t mean the family is eligible for housing for homeless people. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban...

Homelessness Affordable Housing

Rent Agreement Negotiation Resources

Do you have clients who are behind on their rent and at risk of eviction?

Best Practices Homelessness Affordable Housing

Papering Your Way to Housing

Emergency assistance to help people with unpaid rent and utilities is on its way; this article reviews how you can help clients gather information for their applications. 

Best Practices Fundraising

Are You Missing Out on Donors?

It’s difficult for some charities to ask for donations. They don’t have a history of it, they are shy about asking for money or maybe they don’t have the staff or board members with the right skills. Take heart! If your agency needs a strategy to build a donor...

Homelessness Affordable Housing

Preventing A Wave of Homelessness: Tenant Rights and Rent Moratorium 2021

Renters in financial distress are facing a loss of housing in calamitous numbers. You and your clients may be confused and frustrated with programs that are supposed to prevent peoples’ loss of housing. Take heart. There is a lot happening behind the scenes to...