Increasing Productivity With Casebook

A Home For Your Data

Casebook’s software allows human service providers and other agencies the opportunity to take the documentation that you have and organize it onto our platform so that it may be available at all times. Many software solution platforms also offer this type of ability but the difference is that Casebook allows for much more flexibility in how that data is perceived internally and externally. 

You can easily create fields that are specific to your funder and staff needs. This is important because things are always changing. These “things” include:

Funder Requirements

New Staff Members 

New Documentation For Individual Services

Specific Identification Factors For Clients That Need Services

You want to be able to adapt with these changes as quickly as possible and have data that express those changes over time. This way, you can identify historical patterns which can ultimately help make better decisions in the future. We are constantly seeing our partners creating new fields for the different scenarios that occur within their organizations. It's evident that being able to be as distinct as possible with every case that they take, pushes them closer to achieving their mission at a larger scale. 

The Power of Historical Data

Data over time is the most effective way to make a positive impact on the community that you are serving. After onboarding with Casebook, organizations begin to see how they can immediately use our platform to their advantage. They are always impressed with being able to tailor their data to fit the specific functionalities within their organization. They can then use that data to make progressive changes for their staff and clients.

A great example is trying out new resources and documenting the results. Now when a client comes in with similar behaviors they can recommend that resource to them and back up that recommendation with statistics that are saved within the database. Another example is using the casebook platform to train new employees. Being able to look through old documentation or resources that the previous worker left behind can save a lot of time in getting acclimated into the organization's standard operating procedures.

Empowering staff with configurable data fields 

One of Casebook's main goals is to help the helpers. We understand that the staff will work directly with the people in the community. We understand that the organization's mission is to help as many people as possible. Helping others becomes very hard with high turnover rates and not having organized data. One of the biggest pain points that we see is that people create the same documentation over and over again.

This is discouraging to not only the person working the case but also the client who is tired of giving out their sensitive information to people that they don't know. Facebook saves time and energy by serving as a main hub for your data. “Helping the helpers” isn't just about staying within the lines. You never know what to expect when dealing with real people and their real problems. These custom fields that we keep emphasizing empowers your staff giving them the ability to use their field experience to make educated decisions on what type of data should be entered into the system. 


In conclusion, increasing productivity is the result of taking care of all components of the services being provided. These components consist of the clients the people that work with the clients the mission in metrics that lead to “success”  and data that represents the effort and impact being made over time.

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