Supporting Foster Care Services Remotely and on Any Device with Casebook

Given recent events, it’s no surprise that remote work has become one of the most significant topics across every sector, including foster care services. Recently, the California Department of Social Services announced inspectors have begun using a variety of video conferencing tools to provide technical assistance related to the spread of COVID-19. A flash survey by the law firm Seyfarth during the period of March 12-16, 2020, indicated that 67% of employers were taking steps to allow employees to work from home who don’t usually do so. Working from home, or at least being prepared to make the transition when a disaster or crisis hits, is our new reality. 

Teams that are dependent on Excel, Access, or older solutions that require software to be installed on the customer’s hardware face a variety of challenges when during irregular operations (a pandemic, natural disasters, periods of high demand). Not only does “on-premise” software cost more to maintain and create headaches for those that need to maintain it, but it also makes distributed work and changes to process more difficult. Keeping personally identifiable information (PII) secure when workers are outside the work environment is equally important. 

foster care services software for mobileSo how can software like Casebook help foster care organizations efficiently work from home? Casebook’s cloud-based human services and licensing solution gives foster care workers and licensing analysts the ability to securely log in on any device. Workers in the field can use cb: mobile to access and update information, even when the internet is out of reach or out of service. When a process changes or new forms are mandated, Casebook lets organizations make configurations on the fly, without paying a vendor. 

If your organization is looking to become remote-enabled, technology can help accelerate the process. Our team has a finely tuned implementation methodology that can get your team up and running in weeks rather than months. 

We’re currently offering temporary waivers on Casebook software subscriptions for organizations affected by COVID-19. Organizations that make use of the offer will have access to Casebook through September 1st, 2020, free of charge.  

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