Casebook PBC Launches Data Analysis and Reporting Product for Social Service Organizations

Casebook PBC is excited to release cb Reporting, a new feature for the industry-leading case management software for the human services field. cb Reporting streamlines data collection and analysis, and generates clear, actionable reports that enable organizations to track their progress, improve service delivery, and communicate social impact ROI to funders, clients, administrators, and the general public. 

“We’re giving enterprise-level capabilities to organizations of all shapes and sizes,” said Ninad Amondikar, Data Product Manager at Casebook PBC. “cb Reporting is not only going to improve the quality of programs that organizations deliver, but also save a lot of time and reduce barriers to good data, which means they can spend more time on client interactions.” 

cb Reporting builds on Casebook’s innovative software with pre-built reports mapped to common programmatic, evaluation, and fundraising needs. It does so while maintaining the ability to customize each report to meet each organization’s unique priorities, with easily implemented filters, data presentation preferences, and more. An intuitive drag and drop interface means frontline staff and administrators alike can start entering data, and customizing and generating reports right away, even in the field. 

“The easy data collection and the custom reporting capabilities ensure that administrators and supervisors can track more frequently and with more reliability how their programs are doing, and then share that data out with funders [or governing bodies], Amondikar said. 

No more juggling between inefficient and complicated spreadsheets or files. All information is in one easily accessible web-based platform. Administrators will no longer have to chase down data, and their staff will spend much less time entering it. Everything is updated in real time, and all reports can be saved and shared easily as a PDF, with just one click. 

cb Reporting is available now to all new and existing customers using the Casebook Platform. From child welfare and foster care, to workforce development and violence prevention, cb Reporting is the solution for any and all data needs in the human services field. 

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