Casebook PBC Expands Coverage Area into Canada with Newest Release

Casebook PBC Expands Coverage Area into Canada with Newest Release

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Makers of the award-winning platform partner with Amazon Web Services to offer human services platform in Canada

TORONTO, Oct. 19, 2022 -- Human services organizations all over the world are in dire need of technological innovation. In Canada, that's happening right now.

The first and only pure SaaS platform for human services, Casebook is now available for Canadian organizations to use in support of their missions. Casebook PBC's intuitive and configurable software is designed for nonprofits, national and provincial agencies, and First Nations. Launched in partnership with Amazon Web Services (, Casebook is offering the Canada-hosted option at no additional cost for Canadian-based organizations.

Some of the types of organizations Casebook helps in the US and Canada include:

  • Tribal Courts and Child Welfare

  • Community Services

  • Domestic Violence and Victim Services

  • Child Welfare and Foster Care

  • Youth Services

  • Police Social Work

  • LGBTQ+ Services

  • Immigration and Refugee Programs

  • Intake and Case Management

Casebook is accessible from any mobile device, providing the security controls necessary for compliance with Canada's Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). With the expansion of the platform's availability into Canada and beyond, Casebook will be of even greater value to the committed helpers who work on and off the front lines of human services everywhere.

Visit Casebook Canada to learn more.


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