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Casebook's Impact on Foster Care Services

by Ilana Novick 1 min read

cb Reporting for Foster Care Services

Working in adoption and foster care means holding peoples’ lives in your hands, their dreams and hopes for finding and starting a new family. It’s sensitive information, and you want to know that data is accurate, safe, and confidential. Your funders want to ensure the data is showing positive outcomes and impacts that merit their resources. For organizations and their funders alike, cb Reporting is the solution to all your data needs.

Simplify Your Data Management

Casebook’s original products were created with foster care and adoption agencies in mind, and so was cb Reporting. cb Reporting puts all your data in one easy to access place. The software platform that handles your case management system, intake, and tracking is also your one stop shop for data analysis and reporting. 

The system works collaboratively with Casebook’s foundational intake and tracking software, so you can organize all of the data on your placements, children, families, homes and all services  seamlessly for internal use and for funders. The data from other Casebook modules is automatically imported to cb Reporting. There’s no need to switch between programs, re-input data or go through a frustrating import from one software to another. 

Easily Create Reports for Funders

When you’re dealing with a new funder, they’re going to want information on the people your organization serves, the services you provide, and the outcomes your clients have. cb Reporting reduces barriers to quality reporting practices, while easily adapting to different organization’s needs. 

For example, prebuilt reports allow you to quickly create funder updates for the most frequently asked for outcomes and information, so whether it’s regular grant reporting time or a one off request, you’ll easily be able to pull up what they need. Whatever the data point is, from the number of children you’re trying to place, the number of families available for foster versus adoption or the rate of permanent placements or all of the above, cb Reporting allows you to track, analyze, and even present it all, in a clear, easy to understand format. 

If your funders require greater specificity, cb Reporting gives you the ability to customize report templates for monthly or quarterly reporting and to edit those reports as requirements change, saving hours of time and providing accurate information for grant applications and updates. 

If a new funder has a different name for a particular data point, for example, foster families versus resource families, cb Reporting’s dynamic fields feature easily lets you change the name, without a cumbersome system update or call to tech support.

Monitor Internal Data and Outcomes Tracking

cb Reporting isn’t just for funders however. Good data makes a huge difference in your service delivery. It allows you to monitor what’s working, what’s not, and how you can improve. The same convenient reports you use for funders are applicable for evaluating staff performance, or simply keeping on top of clients and families. 

Maybe you need to keep track of what happens to the children you serve post-placement with a family, either because a funder requested it, or because you want to check in with former clients for your own data reporting needs.  cb Reporting can easily send up follow surveys and other communications. Or maybe it’s performance review time and you need to evaluate how your staff are meeting their goals. cb Reporting dashboards can give you a snapshot of each team or employee's progress, which you can use to set goals and track outcomes for the next year.  

Whatever your data needs, cb Reporting ensures you’ll spend less time navigating outdated databases and more time doing what you do best: helping children find their forever families. 

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Ilana Novick
Ilana Novick is a journalist and writer based in New York City. Her writing has appeared in Vice, AlterNet,