Using Casebook to Optimize Multi-Service Organizations

Posted on September 20, 2022 by Ilana Novick

How Does Casebook Help Multi-Service Centers

When you work for a multi-service community center, you’re dealing with a thousand moving parts. From managing a gym to running a preschool or even a shelter, your organization does it all. You need case management software and a reporting system that can capture the breadth and depth of the services you offer. You should have that information at your fingertips without sorting through unwieldy spreadsheets or databases. Casebook’s cb Reporting with dynamic fields can help.  

cb Reporting streamlines the process with prebuilt reports covering the most important data points that you and your funders want to know. Organizations can simply enter the information during each reporting period and save it, without scrambling to find the information funders want right before a report is due. And if the pre-built reports don’t work for you, you can easily configure your own reports based on your funder’s requirements, adding and deleting fields as necessary. 

Next Level Reporting Features

These features are applicable in multiple situations for organizations like yours. Take fundraising. Every agency has a different set of funders, and those funders all have different kinds of data they want tracked. Do different funders have different names for the same data point? With the dynamic fields feature, you can even change the name of a particular data point with just a couple of clicks, with no data lost from the name change. 

Since you’re a multi-service agency, the funders for your after school youth programs might be different from those of your food pantry. cb Reporting is configurable from the start, so you can quickly and easily create customized templates for monthly or quarterly reports for each funder. Dynamic fields help your organization keep up with changing reporting and naming requirements without wasting hours of staff time or sacrificing data clarity. 

Use Cases

Let’s say managers need an organized way to track the performance of their department and direct reports. You can do that in real time with cb Reporting’s dashboards, using dynamic fields for your specific naming needs, dashboards monitor workflows and outcomes in real time, giving a snapshot of how each team member or program is performing, including time spent on each process. No matter what you’re tracking, you can easily customize this dashboard and use that data to guide team meetings, and determine how you want to move your programs and department forward. 

In a third situation, maybe you need to track a client across departments and services. For example, they’ve been to the workforce development program, but you’d like to refer them to mental health counseling as well. cb Reporting can build a multi-program case, tracking their activities across departments and ensuring that all of these departments are coordinating and sharing information to best meet their clients’ needs. 

That’s the core of what cb Reporting and dynamic fields is about: storing all of your data in one place, and easily editing forms. You’ll spend less time navigating outdated databases and more time doing what you do best: running your multi service organization and serving your clients. 

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