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Posted on December 1, 2022 by Brian Johnson

Casebook’s flexibly priced software platform comes in a range of subscription plans from Starter to Enterprise. Whichever plan you opt for, you'll get to select the implementation package that works best for you. While Casebook does offer custom implementation services for enterprises undergoing large-scale transformations in technology, Lightspeed and Quickstart are the implementation packages that are most likely to benefit your organization.

Here are some things to consider as you weigh your options.

Lightspeed and Quickstart: The Similarities

Lightspeed and Quickstart are the two standard implementation packages that Casebook offers for our configurable platform. Although each package provides distinctly different advantages for human services organizations, Lightspeed and Quickstart are similar in some key ways. Both options give you full access to all of our online resources, including:

  • An online course curriculum for getting your users up to speed
  • A comprehensive knowledge base to reference information quickly
  • Instructional videos to make learning about your implementation easy
  • Helpful, friendly technical support in case you need additional assistance
  • Monthly training sessions to refresh and hone your team’s Casebook skills

Also, each package comes with digital end-user onboarding. This free online curriculum is designed to assist you with implementing Casebook across your organization so it’s up and running as smoothly and as soon as possible. Anyone in your organization using Casebook can be enrolled to make sure everyone’s getting the most out of the software. Both packages are supported by our technology experts, who will help you and your team configure the software to meet your organizational needs.

Both packages help you get Casebook implemented efficiently and set your teams up for success. So what sets them apart? Let’s dive into the differences.

What Makes Lightspeed ‘22 Different?

Lightspeed ‘22 is the latest iteration of our classic Lightspeed implementation package. The product of more than a decade of development, Lightspeed was built to be agile so that it could work with larger systems. It’s designed to replicate onboarding with commercial platforms, coming with structured onboarding support that includes six hours of one-on-one sessions with a Casebook onboarding specialist.

Lightspeed originally included lots of pre-loaded features, some of which weren’t required by all the organizations that implemented it. Using customer feedback to retool the package, we released Lightspeed ‘22 as a more streamlined and configurable implementation that offers a greater opportunity for organizations to customize their software experience. With stronger support mechanisms built in to encourage ongoing training and let users go at their own pace, Lightspeed ‘22 saves your organization time so you can go live quickly.

Your Dedicated Team of Platform Specialists

When choosing this package, your organization is assigned a customer success team that partners with you to define your goals, set your onboarding schedule, and map out your intended use of the platform. Our team helps you import your data and build your forms, giving your team customized tips and assignments to enable you to configure the software to your specific needs. We also work with you to develop a collaborative plan to sustain your success with the Casebook platform.

During the discovery phase of Lightspeed '22 implementation, our sales team collects information about your organization's current processes, as well as the outcomes that you'd like to see by using Casebook. This is done expressly to provide your organization with the most suitable solutions for your particular situation. The information is then passed to the customer success team that's been assigned to you so they have what they need to help you implement our software in the best possible way.

We strive to take you through the discovery process to launch in 30 days so you can enjoy quick time-to-value. Over time, you can continue to expand your use and implementation of Casebook with our continuing education and platform support. Lightspeed ‘22 carries a one-time fee of $999, a serious reduction from Lightspeed’s original cost and a fraction of the price that you can expect to pay for alternatives, which often run about $15,000.

How Does Quickstart Compare?

Quickstart is Casebook’s self-driven implementation package. Although it comes with the same access to the learning materials and onboarding tools that Lightspeed offers, organizations that choose Quickstart must rely on their own skills to map out Casebook’s features as they intend to use them. This package provides up to two hours of tailored one-on-one sessions with an onboarding specialist, down from the six included with Lightspeed. As with Lightspeed, customers may book sessions that are 30, 45, or 60 minutes.

Targeted Guidance for Your Implementation

In contrast to Lightspeed, the first onboarding session for Quickstart isn’t a traditional discovery session. Our specialist spends the majority of this meeting getting to know your organization and learning about your configuration needs. They help you troubleshoot as needed, making suggestions about how to best achieve your goals by highlighting key platform features. As a result, the guidance you receive with this package tends to be more targeted, as the time you have with our specialist is more limited.

With this package, your organization handles configuration, user administration, data importation, forms, and custom reports. Add-ons like form development, report building, and many more are always available to augment Quickstart, which is priced at $199.

Implementing Software for Your Human Services Organization

So, which implementation is right for you? If you’ve ever set up an online system, or if you have coding experience and understand data configuration, then Quickstart may be an excellent choice. Designed for the do-it-yourself crowd, Quickstart is ideal for the tech-savvy and those who enjoy learning software on their own. Given its modest price and the high level of control it affords, Quickstart is perfectly suited for DIYers as well as small human services organizations with simple needs.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for advanced training and more time with our onboarding specialists, Lightspeed ‘22 would be more appropriate for you. Most organizations choose Lightspeed to implement Casebook as it doesn’t require extensive technical skill or specialized knowledge about configuration management, coding, application programming interfaces (APIs), or data importation. With Lightspeed, our onboarding specialists and online training curriculum get you and your team up to speed on what you need to know, without overwhelming you.

Unless your human services organization needs custom implementation services for a major tech transformation, you’ll likely find yourself choosing between Lightspeed ‘22 and Quickstart to implement Casebook. While they come with many identical services, the two packages differ in how much time you get with our onboarding specialists as well as in price. Whichever implementation you select for your organization, you can be sure you’re getting a configurable platform backed by our expert team whose goal is your organization's success.

If you’re interested to learn more about Casebook, Lightspeed, or Quickstart, contact our team today.

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