How to Implement Your Human Services Software Quickly

Posted on November 7, 2022 by Sade Dozan

Searching for a new human services platform can turn up a host of options, leading to confusion or even analysis paralysis. Should you pick a familiar name-brand platform and spend the time (and consulting fees) conforming it to your specific needs? Or are there more appropriate choices for your organization that can help you save those resources for your mission-critical projects? To find the human services software solution with the best time to value, your search should begin with purpose.

Select a Purpose-Built Software Solution

If efficiency is your goal, you’ll find that the best human services software solution is designed expressly for human services. Adapting a customer relationship management (CRM) solution like Salesforce for human services may seem expedient, but it’s far from ideal. CRMs provide more than what’s needed in the human services space, resulting in a distracting experience. Plus, configuring them for the unique needs of human services professionals can be time-consuming, negatively impacting their time to value.

That’s why choosing a platform that’s purpose-built for human services is the best course of action. Cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) options are few, but they offer the most value given the accessibility, affordability, and security they offer. The first and only pure SaaS platform for the human services industry is Casebook. With Casebook, you have the advantage of a data model and interfaces that are crafted specifically for this field, making it ideally suited for the wide range of human services.

The organizations that benefit the most from using Casebook are leaders in the fields of:

  • Child welfare & foster care
  • Social work
  • Case management
  • Community services
  • Victim services & advocacy
  • Homeless services

By choosing an intuitive, accessible SaaS platform like Casebook as your human services software, you can maximize your operational efficiency while improving your client experience.

Make Configuration Quick and Painless

As you consider new solutions for your organization, it’s important to note the difference between configurable and customizable software. To customize a software platform, the vendor has to make changes to it on behalf of the user. Besides the monetary costs this method often incurs, its lengthy customization process can significantly impair your operational efficiency. That’s why opting for a configurable software package is advisable if you’re serious about saving your valuable resources and maximizing your time to value.

Configurable platforms are typically purpose-built for the audience they serve and give you, the end user, more control so you can avoid expensive consulting services not included in standard purchase or setup costs. Configurability empowers you to adjust prebuilt capabilities in the way that’s best for your organization, providing lots of freedom and flexibility when it comes to shaping the platform to fit your needs.

Since Casebook is built for human services in particular, the platform has about 80 percent of what your organization would need preloaded, giving you an intuitive user experience (UX) that streamlines the configuration process. The four areas where Casebook offers the greatest opportunity for configuration are:

Regardless of the type of services you provide, the Casebook platform comes with just enough out of the box to allow for precise tailoring to your unique requirements while still promising a breezy setup period that can go by in less than a day. How quickly you configure and implement Casebook depends on your organization’s readiness for digitization and any data migration needs. For most organizations, implementation takes about 30 days or less.

Implement Your Human Services Software

Implementing a new software platform across your organization can take months, but selecting your solution wisely pays off in savings. Besides CRM platforms that are modified to support human services, many existing solutions are either pen and paper or overly complex, custom-built systems that are costly and don’t offer the time to value that a purpose-built software package like Casebook does. Its underlying data model and user-friendly UX are designed explicitly for human services organizations of all kinds.

Security and compliance are assured with SaaS solutions like Casebook, which is fully compliant with HIPAA, FERPA, and SOC2 protocols. Casebook can also integrate with your email and online calendars, providing easy connectivity with existing software through its application programming interface (API). In addition, the platform comes with a suite of resources to help you master the software in a short time, such as:

  • Online courses for educating your users about platform functions
  • An extensive knowledge base to access information quickly
  • Instructional videos that are recorded or live for your convenience
  • Friendly technical support in case you need ongoing help or guidance
  • Regular training sessions to build and maintain your team’s expertise

Casebook is focused on delivering value to your organization as quickly and affordably as possible. Our platform’s time to value is measured in days or weeks rather than months or years, and our pricing model is structured per seat to maximize transparency and value for our users. Combining a flexible pricing structure with precise configurability and streamlined, purpose-built technology, Casebook is the only choice for a human services organization that’s looking for the solution with the best time to value.

If you’re ready to learn more about implementing human services software like Casebook for your organization, contact our team today.

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