Continuing To Grow Your Nonprofit Through COVID

From here on out there will be even more challenges to providing care to communities.

Nonprofit Organizations, Public Sector Agencies, and Other Resource Centers need more reliable solutions than paper forms, unorganized excel sheets and/or over priced generic software to efficiently serve and GROW their programs.
What has been your organization’s pandemic response? How are you adapting to the inevitable changes that are happening in the social sector?
Set yourself up for success with a system that works with you. Build out workflows for staff, assign roles, create alerts and manage all your data from one place.
Casebook can help relieve you from organizational issues so that your team can make more meaningful connections with clients.

Set Up For Success

Use cb admin to create form information processes for handling incoming/outgoing data. Assign roles to staff and stakeholders (i.e case managers, social workers, volunteers, service providers). Lock specific case information. Create workflows to keep internal stakeholders engaged and motivated to hit their goals. set up alerts and notifications for automated accountability.
Language is important in Grant reporting and Casebook gives you the opportunity to tell YOUR story. Get more specific and track your own unique data sets instead of using generic fields.  

Make Day To Day Operations Easier

Online intakes give back some of the time that it's taken away from organizing files and paper work the new clients. Set up workflows so that internal stakeholders have a process for redundant tasks like checking if a if a client went to their appointment and marking it to show goals and outcomes.
Utilize technology to practice social distancing with Casebook. Email files and/or paperwork in to cases so that clients find it easier to meet the requirements for resources that they’re seeking

Use Reporting To Increase Success Outcomes & Boost Morale

The core of cb reporting and dynamic Fields is to store all data in one place while also being able to create/edit forms. Spend less time navigating outdated databases and more time running multi running your service organization and serving your clients with the best tool to use in response to covid-19.

Use cb Reporting to build out cases. Track their activities across departments and ensure that all of these departments are coordinating and sharing information to best meet their clients’ needs. With cb Reporting you have access to:

  • Pre-Built Reportsaccess common reports to identify patterns and trends in their programs.Each report has interactive filters which users can customize to query the data per their needs. 
  • Customize ReportsMake a copy of pre-built reports or build reports from scratch in order to meet your specific organizational needs.Filter selections, visualizations will remain as is
  • Customize Visualizations… Change how charts and reports are presented from many different visualization options, including maps!
  • Presentation Ready Files Export to excel, ppt, other formats for external stakeholders

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