Casebook: Empowering teams during challenging times

Brian Johnson

Brian is the EVP for Casebook PBC Sales & Marketing and lives in Chicago, IL.

Since March, Casebook PBC has taken steps to enable our workers to be effective while working remotely. While we have always had a large contingent of remote workers, switching to a fully-remote operation without access to our office has presented challenges that we never had in our previous version of "normal". 

The pandemic has presented the same types of challenges for workers in social services. Casebook was built to meet the real-world needs of workers and administrators who dedicate their days to helping others.

Here are a few ways essential workers are using Casebook during the pandemic to keep the focus on serving clients and citizens.

  • SUPPORT REMOTE WORK - Casebook's secure, browser-based technology keeps workers connected to their work, even when they aren't connected to the internet. This means that notes, photos, forms and more can be added directly to Casebook via phone or laptop, from anywhere. As an example, a full facility inspection or home study could be completed with an iPhone in airplane mode and will automatically connect when turned off and reconnected. 
  • COLLABORATE - Do your workers rely on a traditional manila folder with hundreds of documents neatly stuffed inside, along with photos, post-it notes and printouts? Who has that folder in their possession at any given time? What if someone leaves that folder behind in a cafe between appointments? With Casebook, you can securely move data from physical folders into the cloud and then share it with the right people. 
  • AUTOMATE & ENABLE SELF-SERVICE - If you've been considering automating your application process, now is the time. It's already a chore for applicants to sift through pages of instructions and multiple-page applications to become a childcare provider or foster parent. Instead, enable applicants to work through their application from the comfort and safety of their home. What if they have questions? A licensing worker or family finder can virtually "drop in" and take a look at the current progress of an application and assist with the process remotely.  

There are many other ways Casebook can help enable organizations working through the challenges of the pandemic. One of Casebook's best features is its ability to be implemented quickly. Some customers have gone live in as short as a week, with one month being the standard timeframe for the Casebook Lightspeed implementation methodology. With subscriptions as low as $29/month, Casebook is affordable for nearly any organization. 

If you'd like to discuss how Casebook can help, let's set up a time to talk. 


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